A Revolutionary Denture Technology – The Hybridge Denture System

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The Hybridge Dental System Improves the Denture Experience

Many people with conventional dentures are finding the new technology of implant dentures with the Hybridge Dental Implant.

Hybridge restores full dental function with the security of implant dentures, making your teeth look and feel more natural.

Hybridge Dental Implants Developed for People With Serious Dental Problems

Dr. Frank Lamar from Rochester, New York, is responsible for the development of the Hybridge Dental Implant, a system that replaces your total upper and lower teeth with implant dentures.

Dr. Lamar developed the implant denture system for people who had consistent and long term problems with their teeth causing expensive and revolving-door treatment of unhealthy teeth.  The concept of permanently replacing all upper and lower teeth with a prosthetic denture implant was Dr. Lamar’s revolutionary denture solution.

How is Hybridge Denture Implant Different from Conventional Dentures?

The Hybridge Implant Denture is affixed to abutments that are implanted into the gum to permanently affix the denture and help minimize moving or slipping dentures when you talk or eat.

The Hybridge Implant Denture is also easy to clean and allows you to access important areas under the denture for thorough removal of food particles, preventing the buildup of bacteria.

Visit Your Ocean County Hybridge Dental Professional for A Consultation

Hybridge Ocean is conveniently located in Manahawkin, New Jersey.  A complete consultation will help evaluate if you are a candidate for this revolutionary new denture system. Your Hybridge professional will fully explain the implant denture system and how it can benefit you and make positive changes to the way you feel.

Don’t wait to improve your denture experience.  Call 609.225.4525 today or visit http://www.hybridgeimplants.com/ocean to learn about the Hybridge Implant Denture.