The Appeal of a Bright Smile

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Put the “Bright” back in Your Smile

There’s no doubt that the world is consumed with brighter, whiter teeth.  Why?  Because teeth that are white and bright have great appeal.  A bright smile brings the appearance of good health and youth.  But, with extensive use of over-the-counter whiteners, you could be masking real oral health problems.

What dulls a Bright Smile?

It’s no secret that certain dietary choices can dull a bright smile.

If you drink lots of coffee, tea, red wine or other acidic drinks, your bright smile can start to look dull and dark.  If you’re a smoker, there’s no doubt that the tar in tobacco will stain your teeth while depositing tartar between the teeth.

Thinning enamel is a byproduct of aging.  When we age, the dentin under tooth enamel becomes more visible, giving the appearance of darkened and dull teeth.

Medications are another factor that may affect your bright smile.  Some medications cause dry mouth, lessening the presence of natural saliva to cleanse the mouth.  If you have a dry mouth reaction to your medications or certain medical treatments, you are a candidate for oral bacteria causing decay and taking the “bright” away.

Get Your Bright Smile Back!

If you are using over the counter whiteners to restore your bright smile, make certain you use them on a limited basis, alternating with regular tooth paste.

Excessive use of over-the-counter tooth whiteners can cover up other oral health problems. You may find that your teeth are whiter but, now, more sensitive than ever before.

If you are experiencing any difficulty or discomfort, it’s time to call Ocean County dentist Dr. Ron Rotem.

For a really bright smile, Dr. Rotem can examine your teeth and determine if you are a candidate for a home whitening kit or for cosmetic dentistry.

With nearly 20 years of brightening smiles in Ocean County, Dr. Rotem is a craftsman at cosmetic dentistry.  You may be able to have the permanent brightness you’ve been seeking with dental veneers.  Or, depending on the condition of your teeth, an in-office whitening treatment followed with a professional home whitening kit.

Sometimes you can be successful at being your own doctor, but when it comes to your teeth, put your trust into a proven professional.  Dr. Ron Rotem is highly respected for his quality of work and attention to detail.  His first priorities are your dental health and your comfort during dental procedures.

So get your bright smile back and make sure your oral health is at its best.  Visit Dr. Ron Rotem, your proven Ocean County professional for creating beautiful smiles for nearly 20 years!