Are Bad Teeth Hereditary?

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If you have bad teeth, some part of your oral health may be hereditary but there is no doubt that you may be able to improve your oral health with better care and modern dentistry.

Now, with the help of your dentist you can, more than likely, improve your oral health even if  there are signs of a history of bad teeth in your family.

Why Your Dentist Needs Your Family Health History

Family health history is important to your dentist because there are other hereditary health problems that can affect the health of your teeth.  Oral health problems may not simply be a product of lack of good oral care which is, of course, important for maintaining healthy teeth.

People who have a family history of diabetes, heart disease, coronary heart disease, kidney disease, osteoporosis and serious immune deficiency diseases may fall victim to the resulting oral health problems.  Your dentist will want to know about this family health history for clear signs of what may be signs of your immediate oral health problem.

The disease itself can be responsible for affecting the gums and weakening teeth against cavities, but the medications to aid in disease control may have an equally devastating effect on your oral health.

Finding Help through Advanced Dentistry

Toms River dentist, Dr. Ron Rotem has been successfully practicing advanced and modern dentistry for nearly 20 years in Ocean County, New Jersey.

Advanced dentistry is a result of education through continued professional training and up-to-the-minute modern methods and techniques used to properly diagnose and treat the most complex oral health problems.

Dr. Rotem has proven to be a caring and understanding professional who knows how easy it can be to have the life and health of your teeth changed by disease or from lack of knowledge of practical methods to maintain a healthy oral environment.   Many of us have neglected out teeth at one time or another; not intentionally of course, but now dealing with the results and wondering if we inherited poor oral health.

When you discover or, even suspect, you may be having a problem with your teeth or overall oral health, don’t hesitate to give Dr. Ron Rotem a call.  He is ready to help you discover how your oral health problem began and how it can be corrected for years of enjoying a new, healthy and beautiful smile.

Make Dr. Rotem your oral health professional and solve the mystery of whether or not your bad teeth are hereditary.