Best Option for Permanent Tooth Replacement

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Since the 1980’s, dental implants have been the best option for permanent tooth replacement.  However, there are several factors that will determine if you are a candidate for dental implants.  If you are seeking permanent tooth replacement, here are a few things to consider.

The Need for Permanent Tooth Replacement

If you have lost one or more teeth, your remaining teeth may begin to drift.  This takes place when adjacent or opposing teeth try to move into the vacant space left by the lost tooth.  Drifting teeth can create gum decay and worsen the situation.  Before you experience drifting teeth, you should visit a qualified dentist to discuss your options for permanent tooth replacement.

Some people lose teeth as a result of accidental trauma.  In this situation it is imperative to consult with a qualified dentist for the best permanent tooth replacement for your situation.

Finally, there is gum loss.  This is a situation that can result from severe, untreated gum disease or the use of adhesive dentures.  Using adhesive dentures, over time, will prove a lack of exercising the gums thus causing them to recede and lose valuable bone.

Types of Permanent Tooth Replacement

In the past, many people elected to have a fixed dental bridge for permanent tooth replacement.  That was before the best permanent tooth replacement came on the scene in the 1980’s; dental implants.  An older and more secondary method is the adhesive denture.  Unfortunately, the adhesive denture is the least desirable of all permanent tooth replacement choices as dentures can slide, irritate the gums and cause bad breath.  Although adhesive dentures were used for tooth replacement, they are not permanent.  The newest denture is the implant denture and it can act as a permanent tooth replacement.

Dental implants, the most favorable of permanent tooth replacement, are made of pure titanium and are inserted directly into the jawbone. This action duplicates the natural root system of a natural tooth.  The implant is treated with special material to permit bone adherence, allowing it to anchor.  Once the porcelain cap is attached to the anchor, the dental implant acts exactly like your natural teeth.  With dental implants, you can chew, talk, floss and brush just the same as you did with your natural teeth.

If you are experiencing jawbone loss, you can have the jawbone rebuilt to accept the dental implant.  Working with a qualified dental professional will make the process possible.

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