Can Dentures Cause Dry Mouth?

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In most cases, dry mouth can be caused by medications, radiation and chemotherapy.  Other diseases may cause a change in glands, resulting in a decrease in the production of saliva.  Adhesive dentures will not cause the already existing condition of dry mouth, but will definitely exacerbate the problem and possibly manifest oral infections to which the wearer of adhesive dentures is unaware.  It takes time for denture wearers to realize that they may have a festering oral infection until mouth sores become apparent and painful.

Saliva is needed to help dentures adhere to the gums for a better fit.  If you suffer from dry mouth, adhesive dentures will feel loose and your supporting gum tissue will continue to shrink causing ill-fitting dentures to slide and further irritate an already irritated dry mouth.  One solution for dry mouth denture wearers is to change to Implant Dentures.

Implant Dentures for Dry Mouth

Implant Dentures are a better solution for people who suffer from dry mouth because of the process of implanting “root-like” posts into the gums promotes gum exercise when chewing.  Chewing exercises the gums which helps to maintain the integrity of the jawbone, diminishing shrinkage and eliminating the rubbing and pain associated with adhesive dentures.  Exercise of the jawbone promotes the development of saliva, unlike the discomfort introduced with adhesive dentures to a dry mouth.

Dry mouth makes it difficult to chew and to swallow.  Wearing adhesive dentures with dry mouth will make the process even more difficult and uncomfortable, whereas implant supported dentures are sturdy and allow chewing with ease.  With implant dentures and proper treatment for your dry mouth, now even dry foods can be easier to consume and enjoy.  Also, it is important to note that implant dentures do not cover the palate as do adhesive dentures, allowing the roof of your mouth free to taste the real flavor of food again.

Consult an Implant Denture Professional

Toms River implant denture professional, Dr. Ron Rotem, DDS offers a selection of implant denture choices, depending upon the condition of your oral health.

If you suffer from dry mouth, for whatever reason, a consultation with Ocean County dentist Dr. Rotem will help you identify the causes of your dry mouth and how to best deal with the problem, especially if you presently wear adhesive dentures.

Dr. Rotem, DDS is the pioneer in Implant Dentistry and Implant Dentures in Ocean County, New Jersey.  Dr. Rotem’s practice has catered to adult dentistry for nearly 20 years and Dr. Rotem continues to help people resolve their oral health issues with optimum care and professionalism.

If you suffer from dry mouth and feel discomfort from your adhesive dentures, call Dr. Rotem today and change your dry-mouth denture experience for implant denture comfort, security, and improved oral health.