Chew Your Way to Better Health

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Knowing the way your digestive system works is a benefit for a healthier body and a guide for the best foods to aid in digestion.  But, did you know that chewing your food properly is the very beginning of the digestive process?

Are Your Teeth built to Chew?

Many people are born with sturdy, healthy teeth but years of smoking, sugary or alcoholic beverages, acidic foods and unintended physical ailments or medications may rob you of   the strength needed in your teeth to chew food properly.  The nutrition intended to benefit your body from foods you consume may not be achieving the ultimate goal due to insufficient digestion from improper chewing or inability to chew food at all.

If your teeth hurt when you chew; if your gums bleed when you chew or if your teeth feel loose and weak, leaving you unable to chew food properly, you need the help of Toms River dentist, Dr. Ron Rotem.

Replacing Your Teeth with Permanent Dental Implants

Dr. Rotem has been practicing implant dentistry in Toms River for nearly 20 years.  You can benefit from his years of experience in modern dentistry with the comfort and confidence needed to treat some of the most serious dental problems.

Ocean County residents have been using the services of Dr. Rotem for problematic dental health because Dr. Rotem is innovative, caring and serious about treating his patients with the best possible care in modern dentistry.

Implant dentistry helps people replace loose or missing teeth with a permanent dental implant solution meant to last a lifetime.  Implant dentistry is surgery and it takes an experienced and skilled dental surgeon like top New Jersey dentist, Dr. Ron Rotem, to help you gain the smile and resulting improvement in your oral health.  Dental implants offer solutions to almost all of the adult population experiencing tooth loss or loosened teeth due to age, deteriorating oral or physical health.

Dr. Rotem’s practice of sedation dentistry helps each and every patient achieve their personal level of comfort for treatment.  With sedation dentistry, your time spent in the dental chair can be greatly diminished as you sleep comfortably during your treatment.

Finding Your Way to Better Health

There is no doubt that if you eat the right foods and exercise regularly, you should be in good physical shape.  However, if eating fiber rich foods like fruits, vegetables and grains are proving painful to your teeth, there is a practical solution with implant and sedation dentistry.

You don’t have to look too far to find your way to better digestion and, ultimately, better health.  With summer approaching and grilled foods abound, your teeth will need to be strong to enjoy and digest every bite!

Call Dr. Ron Rotem today; a noted Toms River sedation and implant dental professional and find your way back to better chewing, better digestion and better health right in your own backyard.