Choosing the Right Dental Implant

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Not all Dental Implants are Created Equal

Many people ask if all dental implants are the same.  The answer is no!  There are dozens of manufacturers of dental implants and various types of materials used for dental implants.  Your dental implant professional is the person who knows which will be best for you.

What Criteria decide which Dental Implants are Best for You?

The first consideration in your dental professional’s mind is to rule out any materials to which you may be allergic.

Once that is determined, bone quality assessment is of substantial importance, the amount of space you need to fill with an implant, aesthetics and the shape of your jawbone, your bite and more.  Radio-graphs (x-rays) and possibly 3D scans are necessary to completely assess your individual needs.  Dental Implants are not a one-size-fits-all science.

To ensure that you have the best possible personalized design of dental implants, an in-depth examination and study of your health records for any existing physical ailments and / or ongoing medical treatments must be considered by your dental implant professional.  Certain diseases and related treatments for disease may interfere with your dental implant procedure.

It is evident that to get the best possible dental implant product and procedure, you must invest the time with your dental professional for all considerations to be completed before any procedures or products are recommended.

Visit a True Dental Implant Professional

Top New Jersey dentist, Dr. Ron Rotem has been providing excellence in the professional application of dental implants and implant dentures for nearly 20 years.  Ocean County residents have the benefit of easy access to one of Dr. Rotem’s two offices; Toms River or Manahawkin.

With Dr. Rotem, you can be assured that nothing is left to the imagination.  All details of your needs for the best dental implant product and procedure will be discussed with you prior to beginning any work.  And, don’t forget that Dr. Rotem also specializes in sedation dentistry; a gentle and time saving way to help you relax completely through your implant procedure.

When you want the most professional procedure and personalized product for your dental implants, call Dr. Ron Rotem because he knows that not all dental implants are created equal.

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