Chronic Conditions can affect Your Teeth

chronic conditions

If you have a chronic condition, you’ll be interested to learn how devastating this can be to your oral health.

Chronic Conditions increase with the Aging of Americans

These are the facts:

  • The American Aging Population is living longer.
  • The Medical Community is far more advanced in technology.

These combined factors mean that discovering more chronic conditions in the adult population is ever increasing.

According to a study conducted by the Johns Hopkins Bloomburg School of Public Health, “More than 70 million Americans, ages 50 and over, suffer from at least one chronic condition”.  If you have one or more of the chronic conditions listed below, you most likely are noticing side effects in your teeth and gums.

Hypertension – Arthritis – Respiratory Diseases – Cholesterol Disorders – Heart Disease – Asthma – Diabetes – Ostioperosis

Older adults suffering from any of the listed chronic conditions should take care to avoid allowing teeth or gums to deteriorate as a result of these conditions.  Many times, it’s not simply the side effect of the chronic condition itself, but the medications taken to relieve symptoms or control some of these chronic conditions that can affect the health of your teeth and gums.

Keeping your Teeth healthy in spite of Chronic Conditions

Your best solution is to be informed and to have your dentist informed.  Clearly, teamwork between you and your dentist is the solution to avoiding serious oral health deterioration in relation to chronic conditions.

When preparing for your oral exam, arm yourself with all the detailed health information your dentist should know regarding your condition and the medications prescribed for your chronic condition.

There is no disconnect between the health of your body and the health of your mouth.  If you do not care for one with the other, you will experience ‘merry-go-round’ of introducing harmful bacteria into your mouth which will re-introduce it again back into your body.  It’s a vicious cycle and keeping your dentist up-to-date on your condition and your medications is critical to the success of treating teeth affected by chronic conditions.

Toms River Dental can help with Your Chronic Condition

Ocean County dentist, Dr. Ron Rotem has been treating patients with chronic conditions for nearly 20 years.  When you call to make an appointment, please mention that you have a chronic condition so that you can be informed as to what information will be necessary for Dr. Rotem.

Dr. Rotem will do a complete and through examination of your teeth and gums focusing on the areas of which a chronic condition can affect.  Dr. Rotem will then be able to diagnose and treat your teeth and gums in conjunction with the treatment of your chronic condition.

Please don’t hesitate to firm up your appointment for an oral health care diagnosis in relation to your chronic condition.