Cracked Teeth – The “Why” and “How”

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Our teeth are generally strong, but under certain circumstances, teeth can crack in various ways.

There are many varieties of cracked teeth and different ways to detect if you have a cracked tooth.  You can have a cracked tooth, craze lines, a cracked cusp or a split tooth.  Some types of cracked teeth will give you obvious signs, whereas other types may only be detected by your dentist.

Causes of Cracked Teeth

The general causes of cracked teeth are a result of extreme tooth grinding or chewing too hard.  These actions cause enormous pressure on the teeth and can lead to a crack from the top of your tooth straight through under the gum line.

More common in adults are craze lines.  These occur as tiny cracks that affect the outer layer of tooth enamel and are usually not serious.  However, if these tiny cracks become visible, you may prefer to have your tooth enamel restored with a cosmetic veneer.  Generally, craze lines may not need treatment other than cosmetic restoration.

The pointed part of the biting surface, or cusp or the tooth, can become easily damaged.  Just biting down on something in the wrong way, or trying to use your teeth as tools, can crack the cusp of the tooth.  If the tooth cusp cracks, you will feel pain when chewing.  This is definitely a cause for concern and a speedy trip to the dentist.

An untreated cracked tooth will turn into a split tooth.  Even worse, a split tooth can allow bacteria to enter below the gum line, causing a host of other serious health issues.  To avoid a split tooth, it’s best to seek treatment for any type of cracked tooth immediately.

Other causes of cracked teeth can be from over-sized fillings, a trauma to the tooth, biting down on something hard or gum disease.

Treatment for Cracked Teeth

If you suspect you have a cracked tooth or several cracked teeth, it is important to call Dr. Ron Rotem for an oral exam.

Dr. Rotem has been treating Ocean County patients for nearly 20 years.  He can detect any cracks or weakness in your teeth or gums and advise you of the best course of treatment before cracked teeth cause further problems.  The specific treatment will be determined by the intensity of the crack or breakage of your tooth.

Caring for your teeth is very important, but even more important if you suspect a cracked tooth.  Call Dr. Rotem today and schedule a thorough checkup for preventative maintenance or for cosmetic dentistry to correct cracked or missing teeth.