Cracked Tooth causes Sensitivity

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If you are feeling tooth pain from hot or cold foods or sharp tooth pain from chewing, odds are you have a cracked tooth causing sensitivity.  Many people compensate for tooth sensitivity by chewing on one side trying to avoid the sensitivity while thinking the pain will eventually go away.

Causes of a Cracked Tooth

A tooth can easily become cracked if it is brittle and a person chews on hard objects such as ice, nuts or hard candy.  Grinding and clenching teeth gives added pressure that can possibly weaken a tooth that can result in a cracked tooth.  Loss of tooth structure with deep fillings or uneven chewing patterns can lead to a cracked tooth as well.

The cracked tooth may have a hairline crack that you cannot easily identify, but if you feel the pain when biting down on food or trying to chew food, you should contact your dentist immediately as a cracked tooth can lead to even greater problems.

Once a tooth is cracked, the crack will open each time pressure is introduced to the tooth.  Each time you bite down on a cracked tooth, the opening allows plaque and bacteria to enter the sensitive area that houses the pulp of the tooth resulting in irritating the nerve of the tooth and possibly resulting in root infection.  As you can see, allowing too much time to lapse with a cracked tooth can lead to greater and more costly problems.

Treating a Cracked Tooth

Treatment for a cracked tooth depends on the severity of the crack.  If left too long, the crack may have become so severe as to need extraction.  Tooth replacement may be needed with a dental implant.  If the cracked tooth is caught early enough, a simple bonding method may correct the problem without more immediate work necessary.

Visiting a dentist on a regular basis for checkups and cleanings gives you the opportunity to communicate with your dental professional about any tooth sensitivity you may be experiencing, indicating a potentially cracked tooth before the issue becomes severe.

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