Deep Cleaning may prevent Heart Disease in Older Adults

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Previous studies have shown that adults who have deep cleaning, also known as tooth scaling, may be less likely to have heart disease leading to heart attacks or stroke.  You may be brushing and flossing, but your hygienist can see plaque buildup beyond that which you may see in the mirror.

Deep Cleaning removes Harmful Plaque

For many who experience gum disease, deep cleaning is a necessity.  The deep cleaning, or tooth scaling process, reaches into deep pockets formed at the gum line and actually scales the harmful plaque from the teeth.

Plaque is harmful because it contains bacteria that enters the bloodstream.  It is believed that eliminating harmful plaque caused by bacteria will decrease the chances of developing heart disease and lessen the potential for stroke.  Of course, many other life habits have to be taken into consideration such as smoking, drinking alcoholic or sugar infused beverages as well as diet and exercise overall.

Either way, it is good to keep your teeth clean at any age.  Older adults need to be even more diligent if they have certain chronic diseases such as high blood pressure, kidney disease or diabetes.

Your Dental Hygienist is Good for Your Health

Remember that regular visits to the dentist are important to your oral health.  If you are visiting your dentist at least twice yearly, you should be experiencing good oral health, but things can change.

Your dental hygienist will notify you of any noticeable changes and work with you and your dentist to make certain that your gums and teeth are in the best possible condition.  If there is a problem with your teeth or gums, your dentist and hygienist will formulate a plan for your dental care.

Keeping a healthy life starts with keeping a healthy mouth.  Twice daily brushing and flossing after each meal is important but visiting your dentist and your dental hygienist is still a must!

You may be busy now with holiday plans and travel, but plan to start the new year off right with a call to Ocean County dentist, Dr. Ron Rotem for the best dental care you can trust.