Deep Teeth Cleaning

deep teeth cleaning

When you visit your dental hygienist, you should expect to receive a thorough periodontal exam.  In addition to your normal annual or bi-annual cleaning, your hygienist will check the condition of your gums for indications of any gum disease and the possible need for a deep teeth cleaning.

About Deep Teeth Cleaning

During your hygienist check-up, you may recall your hygienist checking your gums and stopping between teeth and calling out a number.  Those numbers are to measure the depth of gum recession.  If the numbers range from 1 to 3, you are probably in good periodontal shape.  However, if the numbers begin to range 4 and higher, you may have the need for deep teeth cleaning.

The numbers your hygienist is tracking are measurements for the area around your teeth.  The higher the number the deeper the pocket between teeth.  Deep pockets that form between teeth can mean that there is enough deep plaque to form dangerous bacteria that will eat away at the bone.  If this is a condition left untreated, you could eventually experience loosening teeth or permanent tooth loss.

The Process of Deep Teeth Cleaning

Deep teeth cleaning requires your dental hygienist to go up to the deepest part of the gum pocket and scale away plaque and tartar from the pocket as well as the surface of the teeth.  At this time, your hygienist will also plane or scale the root of the tooth to remove plaque from the root surface.

This procedure for deep teeth cleaning requires numbing of the area being treated.  If you don’t numb easily or are not in favor of injections, oral sedation is an option for deep teeth cleaning.

Deep Teeth Cleaning in Toms River

Toms River dentist, Dr. Ron Rotem has been caring for Ocean County patients for nearly 20 years.

Dr. Rotem and his dental staff keep up-to-date on the most important techniques to administer optimum care for their patients, including deep teeth cleaning.

If it’s time for your annual checkup, give Dr. Rotem a call today.  Dr. Rotem and his team understand the benefits of good oral care both professionally and at home.  They also understand and care very much about patients who have stayed away from the dentist for various reasons.  In the care of Dr. Rotem you will not have any concerns about judgment of your dental health.  The prime objective of Dr. Rotem is to care for his patients and to help patients reach a level of comfort that eliminates fear of dental care forever.

For modern adult dentistry and gentle deep teeth cleaning, call Dr. Ron Rotem today!