Dental Payment Plans help People with No Dental Insurance

no dental insurance, dental payment plans

Not everyone has the luxury of having dental insurance.

While certain insurance health plans offer dental insurance, the insurance payments for dental can be costly.  Some employers offer health insurance that includes dental insurance but not all dental insurance policies are created equal.  It may be time to explore Dental Payment Plans.

Dental Payment Plans for People without Dental Insurance

There are various companies that offer dental payment plans.  Generally these plans offer you a 12 month payment plan without interest.  This is certainly a great option to spread out payments over one year for dental work you may need now.

If you have more extensive work and prefer to stretch out your payment for up to 84 months, you may select such a plan, meeting the plan qualifications.  These plans charge a nominal interest fee but, again, well worth the investment so you don’t have to wait for much needed dental work.

Why Dental Payment Plans are a Great Option

Life can bring about so many health changes.  Many of those changes can affect your teeth.  Whether it’s medication, illness, age or diet; more serious oral health problems can occur as we age.  Many times dental insurance may have exclusions that will not cover the treatment you need.  You may find yourself having to pay for dental insurance and added payments through a dental payment plan.

In the case of Cosmetic Dentistry, there are few, if any, dental insurance plans that will cover cosmetic procedures.  If you don’t have serious oral health problems but want to improve the appearance of stained or crooked teeth, you’ll want the results perfected through Cosmetic Dentistry.  Dental payment plans are your perfect option.

Ask Dr. Ron Rotem about Dental Payment Plans

Interestingly enough, some 12 month dental payment plans will cost you less than your monthly cell phone bill.

Ocean County dentist, Dr. Ron Rotem knows that having a healthy beautiful smile is something everybody wants and needs.  That is why he offers various 12 month, interest free dental plans.  To Dr. Rotem, your comfort in ability to pay for dental health care is just as important as your comfort during dental health care.

Don’t put off dental care because of lack of dental insurance.  Have confidence in the fact that there is a dental payment plan that will fit your budget and get you the healthy, beautiful smile you deserve.

Call Dr. Ron Rotem today and make an appointment for a consultation to find out what your dental health care needs are and what dental payment plan is best for you.