Dental Phobia causes Dental Neglect

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Dental Phobia

If you suffer from dental phobia, you are not alone!  Nearly 75% of the population suffers from mild to extreme fear of dental treatment.

Dental phobia is a term for people who have fear of dental treatment for various reasons.  These people suffer more than fear; they suffer deterioration of oral health through neglecting dental care.  Their fear keeps them away from the dentist office and the neglect of dental care usually leads to severe dental problems.  If they have an extreme dental emergency and have to go through extensive treatment, the cycle of fear simply gets worse.

The causes of this fear can vary from a previously bad experience, fear of invasive procedures, gagging reflex, sounds of dental instruments and even an indirect association to dental care such as stories from other people with bad dental experiences.  Regardless of the reason of someone’s fear of the dentist or dental care, the only important matter is to stop the cycle of fear and begin a regimen of good dental care.

There’s no longer a need for fear when you have a caring dentist and the option for non-invasive sedation dentistry.

Dr. Ron Rotem treats Dental Phobia

If you talk to any patient of Ocean County dentist, Dr. Ron Rotem, they will tell you how he patiently focuses on caring for his patients who suffer dental phobia.

Dr. Rotem has been treating patients with dental phobia for nearly 20 years and his success rate is remarkable.  This success comes from a truly caring attitude for each individual patient and from Dr. Rotem’s option for sedation dentistry.

Non-invasive sedation dentistry allows a patient to completely relax and lose all feeling of anxiety.  Non-invasive sedation dentistry is a small pill, taken by the patient one hour prior to treatment.  The patient has little to no memory of the procedure and awakens relaxed and anxiety free.

If you have been hiding from dental care due to any type of fear, it’s time to get on board with non-invasive sedation dentistry with Dr. Ron Rotem.

Eliminate Dental Phobia for Life

Gentle dentistry is the practice of Dr. Ron Rotem.  His gentle and caring nature, including that of his staff, generates a feeling of calmness and relaxation.

More importantly is the level of trust you will feel with Dr. Rotem.  After your initial consultation, you will have no doubt that Dr. Rotem is a top professional in his field but he is also a member of the community; a neighbor who cares about the health of his neighbors.

Dr. Rotem will never judge you.  It doesn’t matter what condition your teeth may be in.  He understands the reasons why many people stay away from the dentist and he is there to help you feel comfortable and regain your confidence in dental care and your oral health.

Once you discover the comfort of dental care with Dr. Rotem, your fear of dental care will disappear, your level of comfort will increase and you will have a personal feeling of great accomplishment when you know you’ve been able to overcome your dental phobia.