Dental Prosthetic Restoration

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Dental prosthetic restoration is restoring the inside of the mouth to correct missing teeth, cracked teeth, jawbone and/or palate.  At Rotem Dental Care, permanent teeth over implants are used as the dental prosthetic restoration solution to offer permanent teeth to people who would otherwise go without teeth.

Dental Prosthetic Solutions

There are many types of dental prosthetic restoration solutions used by professionals.  One of these solutions is Hybridge Dental Implants.

Dr. Ron Rotem of Rotem Dental Care is the only professional cosmetic dentist in Ocean County who offers the Hybridge Dental Implant solution.  Among other solutions offered at Rotem Dental Care, Hybridge was chosen by Dr. Rotem as one affordable dental prosthetic restoration solution.

Like many other dental prosthetic solutions, Hybridge offers a patient the confidence of permanent tooth replacement with quality of craftsmanship.  Add to that the talented and experienced professionalism of Dr. Ron Rotem and you can have a dental prosthetic restoration solution to last a lifetime.

Dental Prosthetic Solution is Rotem Dental Care

Dr. Ron Rotem has been providing caring and secure dental prosthetic solutions to patients in Ocean County for 20 years.

There is no doubt that care is proven at Rotem Dental Care by giving patients the option of several dental prosthetic restoration solutions.

If you are suffering from cracked, loose or missing teeth, call Rotem Dental Care today.  Dr. Ron Rotem and his staff will help you understand the dental prosthetic restoration solutions available to you to make the best choice possible.

Don’t go through life wishing you could eat the foods you love, wishing you could smile more and wishing you had the teeth you need to stay healthy.  Call Rotem Dental Care today and start a great new life with the proper dental prosthetic restoration solution for you.