Dry Mouth – An effect of over 500 Medications

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Many adults think it’s common to have dry mouth due to aging.  The reality is that the vast majority of dry mouth problems are caused by medications.  Dry mouth is one of the most common causes of cavities in adults.

As adults, taking medications may be part of our daily life but the resulting lack of saliva can wreak havoc on oral health in adults.  If you take medications for allergies, diabetes, high cholesterol, depression or anxiety, high blood pressure, Parkinson’s or Alzheimer’s, you are a candidate for dry mouth.

Ask Your Physician about Dry Mouth

When you visit your family physician, it is wise to ask about the side effects of any medications that may be prescribed for you.

Your salivary glands provide the very important function of cleansing your mouth of bacteria.  If you take medications that affect the function of salivary glands, you may begin to experience unexpected tooth decay.  Surprise!  Cavities are not just for kids.

Although you may follow a healthy regimen of eating and practice good oral health habits, dry mouth may be the culprit causing cavities in your teeth.

If you know the effects of your prescriptions or treatments prior to usage, you will be prepared to take the proper precautions to supplement your saliva.  Keeping your mouth rinsed as often as possible can be accomplished with water, sugar-free gum, avoiding acidic beverages and more.

Seek treatment for Dry Mouth with Dr. Ron Rotem

If you’re suffering from the effects of dry mouth, it’s time to visit Dr. Ron Rotem; top New Jersey dental professional who has treated patients with this condition for nearly 20 years.

When you visit Dr. Rotem, prepare a complete list of all medications you are taking as well as any medical treatment you may be receiving.  This can assist Dr. Rotem to assess the cause of your dry mouth and provide treatment to prevent the onset of cavities.

Precaution is always a good practice but not always a reality.  If you are experiencing tooth decay because you were unaware of the effects dry mouth, it’s time to take action and reverse the effects of dry mouth on your teeth.