Are You Embarassed by Loose Dentures?

Loose dentures can be troublesome.  Every day you hear about another adhesive product, suction product or denture liner to keep loose dentures in place.  The truth is that dentures allow your jaw bone to shrink and will remain loose over your lifetime, constantly demanding adjustment, adding embarrassment and taking away the comfort of the feeling of natural teeth.

The Best Solution for Loose Dentures

The best solution for loose dentures are implant dentures.

Adhesive dentures are a thing of the past and are known to allow the jawbone to lose shape.  Loose dentures slip and slide and irritate the gums and the top denture completely covers your palate, eliminating the flavor of food.

Truly, there is no better way to completely eliminate the problems associated with loose dentures than switching to implant dentures.

Implant dentures are attached to posts that are inserted into the jawbone.  Each implant denture then snaps into place, allowing you to have a secure fit of the denture to your jawbone.  The implant denture helps to keep the integrity of the jawbone by allowing you to chew your food more securely, thus exercising the jawbone for better bone health and diminished irritation of the gums.

Implant dentures completely solve the loose denture problem and won’t slip, slide or cause you to have to buy an assortment of products used to keep adhesive dentures in place.  What could be more natural feeling than having your dentures completely stabilized by snapping them into place for a secure fit.

Make the Switch to Implant Dentures and Put an End to Loose Dentures

Top New Jersey dentist, Dr. Ron Rotem specializes in dental implants and implant dentures.  Dr. Rotem has been treating patients in Ocean County for nearly 20 years.  His patients are comforted by the fact that Dr. Rotem offers the most modern techniques in implant and sedation dentistry.

Isn’t it time you threw out those old ill-fitting loose dentures and gifted yourself with the comfort and confidence of implant dentures?

Call Dr. Ron Rotem today and find out how you can make the switch from loose dentures to implant dentures with the help of a caring and true professional.