Fear Stands in the way of Good Health

There are many health issues people allow to go untreated and worsen because of fear.  Fear of exam, fear of knowing and fear of having to deal with a health related situation causes health problems to worsen and can cause even greater health problems leading to feelings of hopelessness.

Eliminate Fear to Improve Your Health

The best way to eliminate fear is to make a commitment to yourself to address any health issue you suspect is festering.  If fear is keeping you away from the doctor, you must know that your worst fears may come true by trying to push reality away for another time.

Many people with oral health problems don’t realize that bad oral health can lead to more serious health conditions in other parts of the body.  On the reverse side of the coin, other serious health problems can reveal themselves through signs of deteriorating oral health.  How do you identify which is which?  The answer is simple.  You must consult your health care professional.

In the case of deteriorating oral health as evidenced by sore or bleeding gums, loosening teeth, dry mouth or oral infection; these can all be signs of the effects of heart disease, diabetes, liver or kidney problems and the medications to treat these physical disorders.

If you know your body is in good health and you do have signs of deteriorating oral health, it is time to consult with top New Jersey dentist, Dr. Ron Rotem.

Dr. Ron Rotem can eliminate Your Fear

Anyone who knows Dr. Rotem knows that he is a caring professional who understands the devastating effects bad oral health can have on the human spirit.  Aside from fear of the unknown, many also fear the idea of pain associated with dental care.  Dr. Rotem practices sedation dentistry which will aid anyone through any type of necessary dental procedure.  With sedation dentistry, fear is no longer an excuse to stay away from the dentist.

For nearly 20 years, Dr. Rotem has helped patients who feel complete hopelessness to regain their confidence through his professional care.  Those who have feared that no one and nothing can help their situation have found new hope after their first consultation with Dr. Ron Rotem.  Ocean County patients of Dr. Rotem boast of his caring nature and gentle manner in dealing with sensitive situations of oral health care.

Whether you are embarrassed of the appearance of your teeth, feel your oral health is in jeopardy, have neglected caring for your teeth and gums for any reason or simply fear pain, know that Dr. Rotem is there to help and not to judge.  With the aid of sedation dentistry, all your dental work can be completed in a shorter period of time and with little to no effort on your part.

Remember that fear is your greatest enemy when it comes to your oral health and your overall health.  Don’t allow fear to keep you from treating yourself well.  Call Dr. Rotem today and learn how it feels to be treated in a caring and gentle professional manner.