February – The Month of Love

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When it comes to Love, many of us forget to love ourselves!

Whether it’s February, the Month of Love, or anytime of the year, loving yourself and treating yourself well is very important to your life and your overall well-being.

Start the Love with Optimum Oral Health

Attaining optimum oral health requires a commitment from you to perform consistent oral health maintenance both at home and with the help of a dental care professional.

Realizing that oral health is a lifetime commitment can escape us early in life and later, when problems with teeth and gums develop; it’s time to take charge.

It can be easy to take good oral health for granted when we are young.  However, as the years pass, our gums and teeth begin to reflect various effects of the aging process including the degenerating effects of certain foods and beverages, prescription medications, smoking and other health issues.

Oral health issues can become most apparent when teeth begin to loosen.  People will realize loose teeth with activities such as brushing or chewing.  Once you realize you may have loosening of your permanent teeth, it’s time to contact your dental healthcare professional.

Don’t despair!  If teeth are loose or if you have already lost some or all of your permanent teeth, a permanent tooth replacement solution is just a phone call away to Dr. Ron Rotem.

Dr. Ron Rotem – Creating Beautiful Smiles in Ocean County

For nearly 20 years, Ocean County dentist, Dr. Ron Rotem has been creating beautiful smiles through the practice of cosmetic and sedation dentistry.

Dr. Rotem knows how much you want to appreciate the benefits of a healthy and beautiful smile and he has dedicated his entire career to making your dreams of a permanent healthy smile come true.

Whether it’s February or any time of the year, now is the time to show the love you have for your oral health and make the commitment to improve the condition of your oral health and your smile by contacting Dr. Rotem today.

Be good to yourself and love your smile with the help and caring professionalism of Dr. Ron Rotem.