Dental Fear a Symptom of Gagging

dental fear, dental anxiety, gagging

In a May 2014 article, research on dental patients proved that people who gag during dental procedures develop a greater fear of dental care.  It was determined that people who suffer a gagging response during dental care associate dental care with anxiety, dental fear and pain.

Dental Fear alleviated with Sedation Dentistry

Although dental fear is a shared emotion among nearly 50% of the population, the gagging response to dental care causes heightened dental fear, anxiety and fear of pain.  Sedation dentistry is the answer to alleviating the dental fear caused by gagging.

At Toms River Dental, Dr. Ron Rotem has experienced the difficulty of patients who have a gagging reflex.  Dr. Rotem adopted the sedation dentistry concept during his 19 years serving Ocean County patients.  It is Dr. Rotem’s belief that each and every patient deserves to be comfortable during dental care and completely free of anxiety caused by dental fear and gagging.  Dr. Rotem’s professional team will show you how to relax and prepare for your next dental treatment, regardless of how small or complicated your treatment will be.  Sedation dentistry is proven to help you snooze through your appointment with little to no memory of the dental procedure.

Dental Fear Stamped Out at Toms River Dental Care

Don’t put off necessary dental care treatment because of dental fear.  If you experience gagging and need to be assured that you can be free of anxiety and dental fear, consult with top New Jersey dentist, Dr. Ron Rotem.

Dr. Rotem will explain how you can simply ingest a small blue pill, no intravenous and sit back, relax and actually complete your dental care in complete comfort.  No more gagging, no more dental fear.

Call Dr. Ron Rotem today and put an end to your gagging and your fear of dental care.  At Toms River Dental, it’s all about you and your comfort.