Getting to the Roots of the Problem

roote decay, tooth decay, decaying roots

The roots of our teeth can be visible when our gums recede.  This can be caused by improper or rigorous brushing or gum disease.  Roots can also become decayed when cavities form on the roots of our teeth.  In most cases, exposed roots are more common in older adults.

Cavities in Roots are Harmful

The unfortunate truth is that the spreading of root cavities is much faster than in tooth cavities.  Why?  Because our teeth are protected by enamel and the roots do not have this surface protection.

When cavities of the roots spread inside of the tooth, that is when we experience pain from a rapidly spreading infection.  If the root cavity is large the infection can be so severe that the tooth can fall out leaving only the rotted root.

Decaying Roots more common in Older Adults

Although age is a wonderful gift, it can bring problems for our oral health.

As people age, they can develop various types of diseases that affect their oral health causing gum disease.  The medications or treatments for disease can also contribute to gum disease through dry mouth, furthering root decay.

Arthritis or stroke can prevent a person from taking proper care of their teeth.  Many times older adults may not realize they have food stuck in between teeth, which can cause decay, root problems and tooth loss.

With tooth loss, a person will tend to eat softer foods for obvious comfort reasons.  This aids in the depletion of the jawbone and now the condition can spiral out of control.

Caring for Your Oral Health

There may have been times when you’ve been careless with your oral health, but put that behind you and make time to change the direction of your oral health.

Now is the time to visit Rotem Dental Care.  At Rotem Dental Care, your oral health will be completely diagnosed by caring professionals.  The focus of professional hygienists and Dr. Ron Rotem is to bring your oral health to its optimum condition.

If you think your teeth and gums are in acceptable shape, it’s time for a good checkup to keep your teeth as healthy as they are.   If you are already experiencing tooth pain or tooth loss, it’s time to take action before root cavities destroy the foundation of your oral health.

With cosmetic and sedation dentistry, Rotem Dental Care can remedy any problem while you remain in total comfort and improve the condition of your teeth and gums for a life changing experience.

Decaying roots?  Call the offices of Rotem Dental Care and stop decay in its tracks!  Rotem Dental Care is your best choice in Ocean County for total, complete and lasting dental health.