How to Keep a Younger Look to An Aging Mouth

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A large percentage of people ages 45 and over experience gum disease, dental decay, cavities and tooth loss.  After years of consuming various types of acidic foods in citrus fruits or carbonated beverages, chewing food and teeth-grinding, their teeth may experience worn enamel, flattened edges and loosening or complete tooth loss.  Cavities are not reserved for the young.  As we age, gums naturally recede and old fillings deteriorate and break down.  All of these issues can lead to serious oral health problems calling out for a true professional in adult dentistry.

Dr. Ron Rotem for Professional Adult Dentistry

Ocean County dentist, Dr. Ron Rotem has been has been treating New Jersey adults with their special dental needs for nearly 20 years.

Adult dentistry is a focus on the problematic oral conditions or health issues that can develop in adults 45+ and contribute to the deterioration of adult oral health.

Aside from the natural aging process, medications and / or treatments prescribed for adults who have diabetes, arthritis, cancer, heart disease and respiratory problems can lead to dry mouth and deterioration of the jawbone.  Dry mouth can have a number of effects on your oral health causing bad breath, discomfort in chewing and swallowing leading to irritation and infection of oral tissue.

With so many years of experience recognizing these adult oral conditions and causes, Dr. Rotem can diagnose the problem and offer a sound solution to keep your mouth looking young and healthy.

Adult Dentistry at Its Best

If you are in your 40’s, now is the time to begin an oral health partnership with the professional in adult dentistry, Dr.Ron Rotem.  If you are 65+ you know you cannot turn back the clock on age, but you can renew your oral health to a younger you with the excellent professional dental care of Dr. Ron Rotem.

Be proactive and attack oral health issues before they attack the health of your mouth.

Call Dr. Ron Rotem today for exceptional adult dentistry and learn how to create and maintain a younger look to an aging mouth.

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