Implant Dentures mean No More Slippage

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If you are using conventional, adhesive dentures you are definitely not experiencing the total comfort and security offered by Implant Dentures.

Implant Dentures are Secure

Imagine the freedom of having dentures secured to your gum line giving you the feeling of natural, secure and healthy teeth.  Imagine being able to eliminate the upper palate cover so you can taste your food.

You no longer have to imagine!  Implant dentures are a reality.  The security and convenience of implant dentures is a reality.

Implant dentures do not need adhesive to stay firmly secure in your mouth.

Implant dentures are stabilized by the use of titanium posts that are inserted into the jaw bone.  The implant denture then snaps to the abutment on the gum line and secures the denture in place.

With the implant denture, you never have to worry about dentures moving while you eat or speak.  No longer will you have to be concerned that your dentures will cause you embarrassment.  And, think of the pleasure of not having slipping dentures rub and irritate your gums.

Since implant dentures are secured, there is no need for a upper denture palate cover preventing you from tasting flavorful food.  Now, with implant dentures, you can again taste all the foods you enjoy.

Make Implant Dentures Your Reality

Ocean County dentist, Dr. Ron Rotem has been helping denture patients make the comfortable transition to implant dentures.  You only need to schedule a consultation to see how implant dentures can work for you.  And, with Dr. Rotem’s sedation dentistry, you can have all your work done while you drift into a gentle sleep.

Allow yourself to find out about implant dentures and how they can completely change your life, your comfort level, your enjoyment of food and the security of knowing you will have a natural and beautiful smile designed by Dr. Ron Rotem.