Improved Health through Oral Health

improved health

It’s true!  You can experience improved health through good oral health.  Once you begin to practice good oral health habits, a healthier you will emerge.

The ‘How-To’ to Improved Health

The first order of business is to visit your dentist.  An oral health check-up will reveal a lot about your overall health.

Your dentist can generally detect any health issues simply by examining your teeth and gums.  Many adults with diabetes, heart disease, osteoarthritis or cancer will experience side effects of deterioration of gums and teeth from a disease or from the treatments of a disease.  Having these health issues makes it that much more important to stick to a regimen of good oral health.

Avoiding good oral health practices opens the gates of potentially harmful bacteria entering your bloodstream from your mouth and causing health problems you may not have previously had.  Yes, you can actually cause your body to incur health problems through poor oral health habits.  Practicing a good oral health regimen will diminish the amount of harmful bacteria introduced to your body from your mouth before it leads to serious health issues.

If you want to experience improved health, start the best journey to good health with a visit to the dentist.

Begin the Journey to Improved Health with Dr. Ron Rotem

Embarking on any journey requires an experienced guide.  The journey to improved health through oral health is best traveled with Dr. Ron Rotem.

Ocean County dentist, Dr. Ron Rotem has been improving the oral health of his patients for 20 years.  His longevity in the community is a testament to his ability to help adults reach an improved level of oral health.

If you have any dental issues, including and not limited to swollen or bleeding gums, cracked or missing teeth, ill-fitting dentures or serious dry mouth; let Dr. Ron Rotem be your guide to good health through experienced dental care for adults.

The best choice for improved health is excellent dental health.  Call Dr. Ron Rotem today for your first step to improved health.