Life after Tooth Loss

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If you’re not a child experiencing the natural excitement of losing a tooth, tooth loss can be an extremely distressing situation for any adult who experiences losing a permanent tooth.

The appearance of lost teeth can take a toll on the life of an adult.  Many people feel a sense of embarrassment and a sense of loss and want to reject the concept of the need for permanent tooth replacement.

The Reality of Dental Implant Prosthetic for Life after Tooth Loss

The reality of the need for an implant prosthetic for permanent tooth replacement is that it is needed to save the health of the jawbone.  This are no second thoughts about it and an adult who has experienced tooth loss must face the reality that permanent tooth loss is best replaced with permanent dental implants.

Permanent dental implants mean that a post is inserted into the jawbone, replicating the natural root of a tooth, with an abutment to attach the prosthetic tooth.  This method insures that the tooth is secure and will exercise the jawbone when chewing is involved.  Nothing can be more natural and more stimulating to jawbone health than a permanent prosthetic tooth.

Full Mouth Tooth Replacement for Life after Tooth Loss

If you have had tooth loss throughout most of your mouth, or all of your mouth, your option for permanent implant dentures is only a phone call away.

For many years, people thought they had to wear slip on adhesive dentures for full mouth tooth replacement after tooth loss.  That is old news and the good news is that implant dentures are advanced in full mouth tooth replacement and are here to stay.

Adhesive dentures are a thing of the past as they cover the palate, eliminating the natural taste of food, and they do not exercise the gums or jawbone, but rather cause irritation and can lead to oral fungus that can lead to oral infections, passing unhealthy bacteria into the bloodstream.

Dr. Ron Rotem is Your Answer for Permanent Dental Implants after Tooth Loss

Top New Jersey dentist, Dr. Ron Rotem, has been practicing permanent replacement dental implants for individual or total mouth tooth loss for nearly 20 years.

Residents of Ocean County know that once they have started their treatment process for permanent implant teeth or implant dentures, Dr. Rotem will be there from start to finish.  There are no quickie short cuts for custom made dental implants and after care is always available, if needed, with Dr. Ron Rotem.

If you want to create a new smile for life after tooth loss, call Dr. Rotem today.  No one should be subjected to living without their natural teeth.  Permanent dental implants are the most natural and secure solution for the health of your gums and for your life after tooth loss.