Missing Teeth cause Emotional Stress

Think back to when you  were just a little tot waiting for your teeth to fall out and you can remember the delight of showing off the empty space in your mouth and waiting for the tooth fairy to leave something special under your pillow.  With those spaces of missing teeth, you knew it was a sign that you were going to now have “grown-up” teeth to replace the missing teeth.

As an adult this scenario is much different.

Missing Teeth in Adults

Missing teeth in adults can cause a tremendous amount of stress and havoc in personal and professional life.

We are always, somehow, in the public eye.  Whether it’s with family, friends or at work, there is always an occasion to have to smile.  When you have missing there is no doubt that you feel you cannot smile.  You may keep your lips closed to prevent anyone from seeing your teeth or simply avoid all situations that may cause a smile.  This is unhealthy for your emotional status as well as your physical being, lowering your self-esteem.

Don’t allow yourself to be trapped with tight-lipped smiles because of missing teeth.  Free yourself of this detriment to your overall happiness and discover dental implants for missing teeth.

Permanent Replacement for Missing Teeth

Dental implants are the permanent solution for your missing teeth.

Dental implants stay in place with a post inserted into the jawbone.  The tooth is then connected to the implant giving you a permanently secure natural looking tooth.  Dental implants won’t shift, do not need to be bound to another tooth and will exercise your gums when chewing.  These are all the positive benefits of dental implants for missing teeth.

With the solution of dental implants, Toms River dentist, Dr. Ron Rotem has been changing the lives of people with missing teeth for nearly 20 years.  His sincere and caring nature puts you at ease during your treatment.  Once you experience the caring treatment of Dr. Rotem, you know you have selected the best place for your dental implant procedure.  And your care doesn’t stop there.  Dr. Rotem offers sedation dentistry so that you are always comfortable during your treatment and leave all your fear or stress at the door.

Change your smile and your life today!  Call Dr. Ron Rotem and discover the benefits of dental implants for missing teeth.