Modern Dentures don’t Lose their Grip!

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The effects of Adhesive Dentures

At some point in your life you lost all or most of your teeth.  It could have been a result of bad health or serious trauma from an accident.  Either way, you now know how difficult it is to try to function normally with adhesive dentures.

Adhesive dentures affect your ability to do so many things that most people take for granted.   If you have adhesive dentures you know what we’re talking about.  The constant need for size adjustment due to jaw shrinkage; the inability to taste your food due to an upper palate cover and the constant fear of slippage while eating or talking.  Add to that the collection of bacteria under the denture causing bad breath and possible infection.

It’s bad enough on your self esteem and way of life to have lost your teeth, but having to live with an uncomfortable and ill-fitting prosthetic makes it that much more difficult.  It’s time to move on to modern implant dentures.

The Benefits of Modern Dentures

Implant Dentures, or permanent teeth over implants, are the product of modern dentistry.

Implant dentures are permanent!  The concept is to implant metal posts into your jaw and snap the matching form of permanent teeth to the implants for a secure and perfect fit.  A fit that is made specifically for the shape of your jaw and your face.  A fit that looks and feels so natural, you won’t doubt their security for a minute!  And, because the permanent teeth are attached to implants, your chewing will naturally exercise your jaw as if you had your natural teeth.  This will aid in alleviating jaw shrinkage and the need to resize old fashioned dentures.

Now, there is no need for adhesive.  There is no need for a palate cover on upper teeth as all are held fast to your jaw with implants.  Those are the benefits of implanted modern dentures.

Modern dentistry has developed some wonderful solutions to alleviate any discomfort you may have experienced with adhesive dentures and modern dentistry is the practice of Ocean County Dentist, Dr. Ron Rotem.

Dr. Rotem and Modern Dentures

Dr. Ron Rotem, located in Toms River, has been improving the health and attitude of patients for nearly 20 years through cosmetic and sedation dentistry.

Yes, Dr. Rotem is very talented in the art of cosmetic dentistry and dental prosthetic but, more than that, he cares about each individual that seeks a permanent solution for missing teeth.

Dr. Rotem knows that one-size does not fit all and the art of creating permanent teeth over implants is a precise and careful application.  More than anything, Dr. Rotem is focused on you and your comfort throughout the entire procedure.

If you seek having permanent teeth over implants and wish to rid yourself of the adverse effects of old-fashioned adhesive dentures, give Dr. Ron Rotem a call today!  You will find that the solution of permanent teeth over implants is the most natural looking and secure method of replacing missing teeth without the fears associated with old-fashioned adhesive dentures.