Modern Implant Dentures take a Bite out of Uncertainty

modern implant dentures

There’s an old tale that says George Washington had wooden teeth to replace all of his permanent teeth.  The truth is that Washington had lost most of his permanent teeth, but he searched the world for the best replacement teeth he could find.

By age 29, George Washington had major problems with missing teeth, tooth pain and weak gums.  He suffered so that he secretly sought the help of a French dentist who was headed to North America.  Unfortunately for George Washington, the British intercepted his written message requesting dental tools and dental help. George Washington was filled with embarrassment and shame now that his secret was out.   This is an indication that no matter who you are or what century it is, if you suffer from permanent tooth loss, you are suffering the embarrassment, shame and uncertainty that come with it.

Modern Science for Modern Implant Dentures

Modern science for dentures has changed the lives of denture wearers dramatically.

Now, with modern implant dentures, wearers no longer have the stress they experienced with traditional adhesive dentures.

The usual fear of dentures slipping while eating or talking is now a thing of the past with modern implant dentures.  More important is the fact that implant dentures exercise your gums and jawbone while chewing.  This prevents the debilitating effect of bone shrinkage experienced with traditional adhesive dentures.  Shrinkage of the jaw causes adhesive dentures to become ill-fitting and increases the look of aging as bone-structure changes also change the shape of your face.

Modern Dentistry for Modern Implant Dentures

Ocean County dentist, Dr. Ron Rotem is known for his practice in modern dentistry.  Dr. Rotem has been treating Ocean County dental patients with the most modern dental care techniques for nearly 20 years.

Dr. Rotem understands the uncertainty that adhesive denture wearers experience every day.  That is why Dr. Rotem is dedicated to bringing his patients the most modern and natural looking solutions possible for their health and peace of mind.

The discomfort and and uncertainty of adhesive dentures is a thing of the past.  And, Dr. Rotem offers certain 12 month payment plans that can make your modern dental care a reality.

Call Dr. Ron Rotem today and ask about modern implant dentures.  You’ll be smiling more than you ever imagined!