No Dental Insurance – No Problem!

dental insurance, dental payment plans

Navigating the waters of insurance can be difficult.  With homeowners, auto, life, health and other insurances swirling around in the pool of necessities, what happens if you don’t have dental insurance?

Dental Insurance

For most adults, dental insurance is not included in their basic health plan.  If a person has reached the age of Medicare eligibility,  dental insurance will cover one dental cleaning with a set of x-rays once annually.  That’s generally the only option available without buying a separate dental insurance policy.  Even so, having your yearly exam is an excellent practice and a good way to find out if you need further treatment.

People who are employed and have employer provided health insurance are generally required to pay for dental insurance separately.  So, what do you do if you need extensive dental work and do not have dental insurance to cover it?  Opt to find a dentist that offers payment plans.

Payment Plan instead of Dental Insurance

In the practice of adult dentistry, there are many reasons you may need dental care.  Whether it’s cosmetic dentistry or treatment of a chronic oral health condition, you cannot afford to allow your oral health to suffer for lack of dental insurance.

That is why Rotem Dental Care offers payment plans for which you may qualify.   If you are in need of basic or extensive dental work, the staff at Rotem Dental Care will help to familiarize you with the available payment plan options that may cover most or all of your treatment.

Dr. Ron Rotem has been treating Ocean County adults with their dental needs for 20 years.  Dr. Rotem is mindful of the situations in which adults with oral health conditions may put off treatment for lack of funding.

If you are in need of help with your oral health, don’t hesitate to inquire about a secure payment plan with Rotem Dental Care.  If you are receiving Medicare benefits, take advantage of your annual visit allowance with Rotem Dental Care.

Don’t put off needed dental care.  Visit Rotem Dental Care today and check out the various payment options available to keep you and your oral health in the best of shape.