Oral Fitness 2015

Welcome to the Oral Fitness challenge for 2015.  This challenge has only one contestant.  You!

If you have swollen gums, bleeding gums, chipped teeth, loose or missing teeth, you need to join the oral fitness challenge for your health.  Yes, having oral health fitness is important to the fitness of your entire body and mind.  If you really want to be fit, begin with oral fitness and discover the improvement you’ll feel all the way around.

Why Oral Fitness is Important for Your Body

There is no doubt that heart health, blood health, bone health and mental health are important for overall good health.  Many adults don’t make the connection of poor oral fitness to poor physical and mental fitness.  It’s a simple thing to forget or to misunderstand.

We all know that if we introduce bacteria into our body through our mouths we can get sick.  But not just the common cold kind of sick.  If your gums are gathering plaque, harmful bacteria on the teeth, that bacteria will enter your bloodstream.  This introduction of bacteria can begin a domino effect of illness throughout your body affecting your heart, lungs, bones and blood.

Many adults over the age of 45 may be more susceptible to the affects of harmful bacteria in the body.  Already existing conditions can worsen or bacteria can increase resistance to your medications.

If your body is experiencing new and difficult challenges, it’s time to get in the game and check out your oral fitness.

Why Oral Fitness is Important for Your Mental Health

We all have a perceived image of our perfect self.  Many of us may feel a loss of self-esteem if unhealthy teeth or gums are ruining our image.

Bad gums can lead to bad breath.  Bad breath is also caused by unhealthy habits such as excessive tobacco or alcohol consumption.  But, bad breath can also be caused by illness and certain medications that create dry mouth.

In addition to bad breath, the unfit mouth portrays an unfit body and mind.  A mouth with stained teeth, loose, missing or cracked teeth or swollen red gums may lead to feelings of embarrassment.  These feelings can cause a person to withdraw socially.  All of this is very unhealthy for productivity and happiness in life.

If you are embarrassed about the appearance of your mouth, don’t give up.  Ocean County dentist Dr. Ron Rotem understands the dilemma that unfit oral health can cause.  He is dedicated to helping you regain your oral fitness and your self-esteem.

Improve Your Oral Fitness with the Expertise of Dr. Ron Rotem

This year marks Dr. Rotem’s 20th year in Ocean County, helping everyday folks achieve beautiful, healthy smiles that make them feel great about themselves.

Dr. Rotem offers sedation dentistry for people who are adverse to dental care or those who have problems with gagging reflex.

Ocean County’s Dr. Ron Rotem is known for his gentle and caring approach to helping his patients achieve oral fitness.  Regardless of the severity of problems affecting your oral fitness, Dr. Rotem is here to help.

This year, make fitness a total mind and body effort.  Begin your fitness promise with oral fitness and experience the overall improved feeling of good health with a healthy, beautiful smile from Dr. Ron Rotem.

Ocean County’s Dr. Ron Rotem has your smile!  Call Dr. Rotem today and regain your oral fitness.