Permanent Implant Teeth

permanent implant teeth

It’s 2015 and you’ve reached a point in your life where you find yourself tired of living with tooth loss or ill-fitting dentures.  Dental bridges or adhesive dentures are not convenient for your lifestyle and you’ve decided it’s time to get a grip on better tooth replacement.  Now is the time you need permanent implant teeth.

Permanent Implant Teeth for a Better Grip!

Simply, there is no comparison between permanent implant teeth and other replacement teeth.

Dental bridges can deteriorate, crack and cause injury.  Adhesive dentures must be removed for cleaning, leaving you vulnerable to being caught without your teeth.  They can shift, leaving you vulnerable when talking with people.  Adhesive dentures irritate gums, causing you discomfort when trying to eat and making it difficult to eat the foods you love.

Permanent Implant Teeth are Healthy!

Whether you need one tooth replacement or a full mouth tooth replacement, permanent teeth implants are your choice for the best oral health.

Permanent implant teeth will assure that when you chew, you simultaneously exercise your gums.  This gives the jaw the motion needed to keep the integrity of the gums as well as supporting your oral health by helping to produce saliva.  Saliva is so important for keeping production of harmful bacteria low and minimizing the causes of halitosis.

Permanent implant teeth just don’t sit on top of your gums nor do they attach to adjacent teeth.  Each tooth is individual and has its own root system in the form of an anchor.  If you are using dentures, permanent teeth over implants can be mounted to permanent posts; no shifting, loosening or difficulty eating!

Permanent Implant Teeth from Rotem Dental Care

Dr. Ron Rotem of Rotem Dental Care has been changing lives with permanent implant teeth for 20 years in Ocean County.

If you feel you’ve had enough of the temporary fix and want a permanent solution to your tooth loss, call Rotem Dental today.  You can feel certain that Dr. Ron Rotem has experienced every type of tooth loss problem and knows how help you experience the possibilities of living a new life with permanent implant teeth.

Call today and get started with a new and secure way of replacing missing teeth with permanent implant teeth from Rotem Dental Care in Toms River.