Professional Dental Cleanings and Checkups Can Save Your Life

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Good Oral Health is Good Overall Health

Adding regular dental checkups and dental cleanings will accomplish many good things to help save you money and, potentially, save your life.

Advanced research proves time and again that a regular dental checkups and regularly scheduled professional cleanings can prevent a myriad of other health problems.

Why Good Oral Hygiene is Important

The Oral Cancer Foundation states that, in the United States, at least one person dies every hour, every day, from oral cancer. Regular dental exams and professional cleaning by your dental hygienist can help detect the early warning signs of oral cancer.  If caught early enough, there is usually no threat and treatment is generally easy and successful.

One of the leading reasons for tooth loss is gum disease. Keeping a good oral hygiene schedule at home in conjunction with regularly scheduled professional cleanings lowers the possibility of developing gum disease.

Gum Disease has been linked to heart attack and stroke by recent medical studies. Professional hygienist cleanings remove harmful buildup of plaque that holds bacteria causing gum disease.

An Ounce of Prevention Can Bring Years of Good Overall Health

During regular checkups and professional cleanings, your dentist and hygienist can compare the condition of your oral health to find if anything has changed since your last visit.  These exams can act as early detection of loose fillings, cracks in your teeth, plaque buildup and the beginnings of gum disease.

Ocean County dentist, Dr. Ron Rotem, is your professional for restoring and maintaining your beautiful bright smile.

Don’t wait until it’s too late.  Call Dr. Ron Rotem today and ensure that your oral health is in the best shape possible to maintain good overall health through regular checkups and regularly scheduled dental cleanings.