Rotem Dental Care has Your Smile!

There are so many good reasons to have a great smile.  A healthy smile is what makes a truly great smile.  When you can flash a beautiful, healthy smile, it radiates the inner you.

Rotem Dental Care for You

For 20 years Dr. Ron Rotem of Rotem Dental Care has dedicated his practice to improving the quality of life for thousands of people.  In fact, if you visit Dr. Rotem, you will be referred to as a “guest”, not a patient.  For that reason alone, you can feel the attention to care and respect for each person that enters the office of Rotem Dental Care.

Treating you as a guest means Rotem Dental Care is happy to have you there and they want to serve you with the utmost consideration, care and confidentiality.  Dr. Rotem has personally expressed the joy he gets from changing someone’s life through cosmetic and sedation dentistry.

Rotem Dental Care for Cosmetic Dentistry

Many people have problematic dental situations for various reasons.  Crooked, broken or missing teeth can be a result of health problems, medications or genetics.

At Rotem Dental Care you will find that Dr. Rotem has experienced and treated every kind of dental problem a person can have.  Because of Dr. Rotem’s experience with problematic dental conditions, his craft of cosmetic dentistry has helped to change the life of many; both in Ocean Country and from around the country.

Cosmetic dentistry can correct the simplest of problems like discoloration of teeth to the most complex problems such as total tooth loss.

Regardless of what your smile may look like today, the cosmetic dentistry at Rotem Dental Care will change your smile forever!

Rotem Dental Care for Sedation Dentistry

Because of earlier experiences with dentistry, many people fear the dentist.  Dentistry has changed so much over the years and you will find comfort with sedation dentistry at Rotem Dental Care.

Gone are the days of having to feel pain during a dental visit.  Non-invasive sedation dentistry is the modern way to feel relaxed and completely comfortable during your dental treatment.

With sedation dentistry, you are given a small pill to take at a specified time prior to treatment.  After you’ve been seated in the dental chair, you’ll soon awaken refreshed with your dental work completed and with little to no memory of your treatment.  Imagine being able to visit the dentist free of anxiety and fear?  That is the care you will come to expect at Rotem Dental Care.

Rotem Dental Care for All Your Dental Needs

Although Rotem Dental Care is focused on cosmetic and sedation dentistry, Dr. Ron Rotem offers all types of general dentistry as well as treatment for dry mouth.  Dry mouth can be a result of illness, medications or radiation therapy.  Although the medications and treatments may be good for one part of your body, resulting dry mouth can be harmful to your oral health.

So, no matter what type of dental service you need, put your trust and confidence in Rotem Dental Care.  With Rotem Dental Care, all of your dental needs will be met with a caring staff and a doctor who wants the joy of improving your life through exceptional dentistry.

For a consultation, call Rotem Dental Care today!  Your opinion of dentistry will be forever changed.


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