Smile Power

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Scientific studies reveal that most adults smile, on average, only 20 times per day whereas children smile up to almost 400 times per day.  Studies also prove that a smile can stimulate good health, success and, of course, happiness. If you can realize the difference in energy of an adult that smiles only 20 times per day vs. a child that smiles up to 400 times per day, you’ve realized smile power!

Smile Power for Good Health

How do you get rid of stress-induced hormones?  Smile!

If you’ve ever watched interviews of people who live to be over 100 years, you will notice one thing they all have in common; they have a good sense of humor and they smile.  Imagine how powerful a smile can be when it affects your health for the better!  Reducing negative feelings and stress-induced hormones can do a tremendous amount of good for the body and mind.

Smile Power for Success

For the sake of ease, let’s compare success to a sunny day and the lack of success to a grey, gloomy day.

Now, imagine you are in the market to buy something or in the market for a job.  In either situation you come across a person with a ‘sunny’ disposition who greets you with a smile and then you have to deal with a person who is a ‘Gloomy Gus’ and offers you no smile or show of pleasant emotion.  There is no doubt dealing with the person who had the sunny disposition made your experience of purchasing or job related experience much more inviting than the ‘Gloomy Gus’.  So who do you think would be more successful in either circumstance?  The person with the smile who emitted a ‘sunny’ disposition, of course.

Smile Power for Happiness

Now we come to the life situation that everyone desires;  Happiness!

It can be said that if you have good health and success, that can lead to happiness.  This is partially true.  But genuine happiness is a state of positive emotion.  Not everyone possesses positive emotion but there is no doubt that if you try to smile more often, you will increase your feeling of positive emotion.  Once you increased your feeling of positive emotion, you will experience a better mental attitude which will make you feel happier offering you better health and an attitude more inclined to succeed in whatever you do.

Smile Power from Good Oral Health

There is no doubt that if you have any type of oral health problem, you will be less likely to smile.  After all, it can be embarrassing to smile if you have dry mouth leading to bad breath or teeth that look damaged or are missing.

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