Spring Cleaning for Preventive Care

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Yes, it’s spring cleaning time.  The time we clean our windows, draperies, carpets and ready our yards for planting and BBQ.  But, what about getting our teeth ready for all the foods and beverages we’re about to eat?  It’s called preventive care and you can think of it as spring cleaning for your teeth.

Spring Cleaning our Teeth

When you think about it, you probably take better care of your car than your teeth.  Every 3,000 miles you change the oil.  Why not have your teeth professionally cleaned 3 times annually?

You know that if you let the oil in your car go for longer than you should, all that gunk will build up and cause engine problems.  Imagine the painful cost of that!  Well, it’s the same way with your teeth.  If you allow plaque, which is gunk, to build up you are allowing harmful bacteria to infect your teeth and gums.  Imagine what that would be like to try to improve two years down the road.

Why not make it a point to use Spring as one of your reminders for oral health care?  Spring cleaning for preventive care will help you enjoy the months ahead.  Summer BBQ and beverages contain sugars and acids.  These can be harmful to your teeth if not kept in check.

Visit Rotem Dental Care for your Spring Cleaning

You know it’s a great idea to have your mouth checked 3 times annually by the dental hygienist.  During those exams, prior to the cleaning, your hygienist can see if anything has changed in your oral condition.  If not, that’s great news and the cleaning is like icing on top of the cake of a healthy mouth.

If your hygienist does see some changes, you’ve nipped any problem in the bud!  Oral health problems are so much easier when caught immediately and treated properly.  There are fewer complications when oral health is kept in check through routine professional dental cleanings.

So call today for your spring cleaning for preventive care at Rotem Dental Care.  Dr. Ron Rotem has been treating patients for 20 years and there are thousands of happy mouths in Ocean County because of Rotem Dental Care.

Call today and get your teeth ready for the onslaught of summer foods and beverages because you’ll know you did the right thing by getting a Spring Cleaning of your teeth for preventive care at Rotem Dental Care.