Dental Disease – Are You Susceptible?

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Not all gums are created equal.  Recent research suggests that people can be susceptible to dental disease through various environmental or genetic factors.  These factors can create Gingivitis or Periodontitis, dental diseases that affect the jawbone and gums.  One should not be confused with the other.  Following are the descriptions and signs of each dental disease.


Gingivitis is a dental disease that affects the gums around the necks of the teeth.  The gums are inflamed and may be accompanied by bleeding when brushing and redness around the teeth.  The acute form of this dental disease can be associated with certain specific infections, micro-organisms or resulting from trauma.

Gingivitis can be a chronic degenerative process unless caught in the early stages and treated with daily good oral hygiene practices.  It is advisable to visit your dental hygienist regularly for cleanings, plaque removal and checkups to keep gingivitis in check and possibly reverse the disease completely.


The dental disease of Periodontitis is one that affects the bone and surrounding tissue of the gum.  This is the most debilitating dental disease for your teeth as it eats away at the bone and tissue that hold your teeth in place.  The results, many times, are devastating with teeth loosening and / or falling out completely.

The severity of periodontal dental disease depends on the strength of two major factors; the bacteria and the individual.  If the bacteria is very strong and the individual’s immune system cannot fight the bacteria, the progression of this dental disease can be rapid and silent.  Many times an individual is more susceptible to periodontitis through genetics.  It is good to know if anyone in your family has suffered periodontitis so that you may take early action with professional treatment.

Treating Dental Disease with Dr. Rotem

Dr. Ron Rotem has been treating Ocean County patients with dental disease for nearly 20 years.  Regardless of the level of advancement of your dental disease, immediate treatment is paramount to slow down or stop the progression of the disease.

If you are at the initial stage of Gingivitis, call Dr. Rotem and get help early.  If you’ve experienced loosening teeth or permanent tooth loss it’s possible your Gingivitis has progressed into Periodontitis, .  Have no fear!  Dr. Rotem can treat your Periodontitis and replace any loose or missing teeth with natural looking, permanent dental implants.

Your oral health is the window to your overall health.  Dr. Rotem is a caring and highly proficient dental professional experienced is all facets of general dentistry, dental disease as well as restorative dentistry.

Don’t hesitate in caring for your teeth.  Call Dr. Ron Rotem today and stop the progression of dental disease.  Stay healthy and happy with the professional dental care of Dr. Ron Rotem.



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