Teeth Healthy Foods When Dieting

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Now that we’ve turned the clocks ahead, we know that Spring is not far behind.  People will be putting aside the winter ‘comfort foods’ and opting for lighter fare to shed some of the pounds gained during the holiday season and colder weather.  Yet BBQ and sweet drinks are on their way, so take care and follow some easy breezy food ideas for keeping your weight in check and your teeth healthy.

Dairy is a Super Food for your Teeth

One of the first foods people tend to give up to lose weight is cheese, but don’t ditch it just yet!  Cheese is known to cut down on harmful acid in the mouth.  It provides calcium and a quick resolve after you’ve consumed highly acidic food.  Try a small piece of cheese after a highly acidic drink or fruit and you will equalize the acidity in your mouth.

The trick is to opt for low fat cheese keeping the calcium in your diet that helps keep teeth strong while helping to burn fat.  The same ‘fat-burning’ research applies to milk, but there again, select skimmed or semi-skimmed milk.

Nutty Nutrients

Yes, nuts can be high in calories, as can seeds, but nuts are best friends with nutrients.  Nutrients are also known to reduce acid in the mouth, so keep them as an integral part of your diet while measuring out smart portions.

Fruit is the Better Sweet Treat

Every doctor and every posted diet will advise at least five servings of fruits and veggies in your daily menu.  Fruits and vegetables are loaded with fiber and nutrients that are healthy for your body and low in calories. But, remember, that fruit contains acid.  That includes fresh fruits that you’ve whirled in a blender for that refreshing smoothie.  Try to add yogurt to your smoothie, or water, to cut down on the natural acid contained in fruit.

Dried fruit are even higher in acid, so don’t eat them as a snack but add them to a meal; possibly in a salad or a dairy like pudding.  Again, small amounts are the key to weight loss success while eating foods that keep teeth strong during the dieting process.

Beware of sugar laden BBQ sauces.  Opt for some natural seasoning along with natural fruit juice and add a dash of baking soda to cut the acid from the natural fruit juice.

Sport Drinks and Soda

Sport drinks are some of the most misleading concepts in healthy food consumption.  They are loaded with harmful and fattening sugar, which only adds pounds to your body rather than needed nutrients and acid neutralizing properties.  The story is the same for soda.  While working out, hydrate your body with good old fashioned water and if it’s the bubbly you crave, try sparkling water as well.  Water is a natural neutralizer of acid and acts to keep our mouth fresh, just like our much needed acid-reducing saliva.

Don’t Forget the Dentist

Healthy diet and good meal planning will aid in losing weight and boosting your oral health, but don’t forget to visit the dentist for your check-ups.

Regardless of how careful you are about what you eat or drink, plaque buildup is a natural occurrence and needs to be removed with professional cleanings by a dental hygienist.  During semi-annual checkups your dentist can perform a full oral exam to insure nothing is brewing under the surface of your gums or in your body that would eventually affect your teeth.

So spring into action this season and call top New Jersey dentist, Dr. Ron Rotem to get your oral health in order and to begin your health regimen for a season packed with fun and a healthy smile to brighten each day.