Teeth Whitening not a DIY Project

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Did you know that Americans spend upwards of 1.4 Billion (yes BILLION) dollars on OTC teeth whitening products?  In our quest for the whitest teeth possible, we may use OTC teeth whitening products to excess and cause resulting damage our teeth.  Truly, teeth whitening is not a “Do-It-Yourself” process.

Teeth Stains and Teeth Whitening

From the two possible types of staining; intrinsic (natural discoloration over time) and extrinsic (caused by products and foods), only extrinsic may possibly be improved with OTC teeth whitening products.  And the possibility of improvement is truly slight.

The truth is that if you do not brush your teeth regularly, at least twice daily, your OTC teeth whitening product will do nothing but lighten your wallet.  Rinsing with a mouth wash containing hydrogen peroxide is not going to remove stains from unhealthy teeth.  If your gums are not healthy, using bleach products will only irritate your gums and leave your wallet lighter but not your teeth.

We are not trying to discredit OTC teeth whitening products.  The products are not so much the problem.  More of the problem is the condition of your teeth and lack of knowledge of how to professionally whiten teeth.  The bottom line is that you must have healthy teeth and gums to expect the slightest whitening change with OTC products.

Trust Teeth Whitening to a Professional

Professional teeth whitening products, used by a dentist, are completely and totally different from OTC products.  The methods and products used by professionals can get the results you desire, again, if you have cared for your teeth at home.

If your teeth are not healthy and whitening is only minimally possible, there is the wonderful solution of dental veneers.  Dental veneers is a cosmetic dental procedure that basically resurfaces your teeth with an enamel product.  If your teeth are stained and crooked, dental veneers can be shaped to fill in gaps and whiten your teeth at the same time.  Dental vaneers or professional teeth whitening is your best solution!

Consult Rotem Dental Care for Fool-Proof Teeth Whitening

Rotem Dental Care offers a variety of teeth whitening methods depending on the condition of your teeth.

When you make the right decision to whiten professionally, Rotem Dental Care will give you a full evaluation of the health of your teeth and gums and what method can work best for you.

After your professionally applied whitening process, you will be sent home with a professionally developed home whitening kit designed just for you!  Your smile will look sparkling and you will be confident that the whitening process was done properly with no harm to your tooth enamel or gums.  More importantly, you will have had a thorough oral health exam to know if there are any other underlying problems that need to be addressed.

Why Rotem Dental Care for Teeth Whitening?

Dr. Ron Rotem of Rotem Dental Care has been Ocean County’s most trusted dentist for cosmetic and sedation dentistry for 20 years!  The reputation of Rotem Dental Care speaks for itself.  At Rotem Dental Care you’ll find caring and modern dentistry at its’ finest.

Call Rotem Dental Care today for an oral health evaluation and plan your teeth whitening with a true professional.  Your teeth will be happy and so will you!