The Importance of Healthy Tooth Enamel

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Taking Steps to Protect Tooth Enamel

Tooth enamel is a calcified material that is thin and sturdy and one of the toughest materials in your body.  Unfortunately, many people make the mistake of thinking tooth enamel is indestructible and they may discover the resulting problems when it’s too late.

How Your Tooth Enamel can be Damaged

You may not realize that certain foods, drinks and poor dental habits can lead to erosion of healthy tooth enamel.

Our saliva is more alkaline base, which helps maintain a healthy pH balance in our mouth.  When we consume foods that are highly acidic, such as vinegars, fruit juice, soft drinks and salad dressings, among other acidic products, we throw off the healthy pH balance with an abundance of acid and this is what can lead to erosion of healthy tooth enamel.

Some signs of tooth enamel erosion are:

  • tooth sensitivity
  • yellowing of teeth
  • teeth appearing transparent at the tips
  • teeth showing cracks or dents
  • formation of cavities

Ways to Prevent Erosion of Tooth Enamel

It’s best to eat a balanced diet for our bodies and for our teeth.

If you can space out the intake of acidic foods during the course of a day and try to reduce or eliminate products with sugar, especially soft drinks, this will help alleviate some collection of decaying acid on your teeth.  In addition, be diligent in brushing your teeth regularly to reduce the harboring of acid on the surface of your teeth.  After eating sugary, starchy or acidic foods, wait at least 20 minutes before brushing so as not to brush the acid into the surface of your tooth enamel.  Drink a good amount of water after eating to help wash away any food residue before brushing properly with fluoride toothpaste.

Most importantly, visit Ocean County dentist Dr. Ron Rotem regularly for dental checkups.  Eroding tooth enamel can remain undetected to the novice eye.  Dr. Rotem’s experience can detect any potential problem with tooth enamel in its early stages and take measures to stop the erosion or to correct the problem with good dental care.

Remember that regular checkups can also be helpful in detecting any lesions in the mouth indicating an infection or oral cancer, signs of gum disease and other dental issues that can indicate other problematic health conditions.

Protecting your teeth and your overall oral health means to be loyal to yourself with regular visits to your dental professional, Dr. Ron Rotem.  Remember to practice good oral hygiene and to eat a balanced diet to protect and promote healthy tooth enamel.

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