The Trouble with Adhesive Dentures

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Old fashioned adhesive dentures are enough trouble alone but they are responsible for other problems as well.  Simply, everything is more difficult with adhesive dentures.

Adhesive Dentures irritate Gums

Because adhesive dentures sit on top of the gums, the gums do not get the exercise they need from chewing.  This causes the gums to shrink and change in shape.  Not only does this change the shape of your face, but it causes dentures to slip and slide, irritating the gums with rubbing.

In addition to irritation, the slip and slide of adhesive dentures are uncomfortable in social circumstances.  Many wearers of dentures find it difficult to speak properly or to eat certain foods.

Adhesive Dentures affect Your Nutrition

The roof of your mouth, or palate, is covered by the top denture making it difficult to tell if food is too hot for consumption.  Worse than that is the covered palate prevents you from tasting the real flavor of food.

When you go out to eat, it’s always a struggle to figure out what will be soft enough for chewing and not too soft as to get stuck under the denture.  Many times trapped food can cause further discomfort.

With limited taste and difficulty chewing the foods you like, adhesive dentures can affect your nutrition.

Adhesive Dentures affect Your Oral Health

Since adhesive dentures do not exercise the gums, the production of saliva will be minimized.  This can cause dry mouth and bad breath.

Regardless of how well you think you take care of your oral health, adhesive dentures adversely affect the most important part of your mouth; the gums and jawbone.  This can cause severe oral health issues including halitosis.  The cleaning of dentures does not prevent bacteria from growing under the denture and infecting your mouth.

Permanent Teeth over Implants

Permanent teeth over implants, otherwise known as Implant Dentures, are the best and most natural solution for your tooth replacement method.

With permanent teeth over implants, you can floss, brush, eat, speak and live with teeth that are truly your own.   Dental implants are inserted into the jawbone and permanent teeth are fastened to the implant for a perfect natural tooth replacement.

No more slippage, no more sliding.  You can enjoy the taste of food again and you can attend social functions and eat any food you want, freely!  Implant dentures remove the fear of social engagements and embarrassing halitosis.

Visit Rotem Dental Care for Your Implant Dentures

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