Tips to Keep a Healthy Summer Smile

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Summer cookouts introduce sweets to the teeth.  With BBQ sauces, sweetened refreshments and the oh-so-loved ice cream, we need to be more diligent about keeping a healthy summer smile.

Summer Treats for Summer Smiles

When you bite into that scoop of ice cream, it may send chills of delight to your brain, but if chills of pain go through your teeth, there’s a problem.  Cold summer fruit desserts can have the same affect.  And how about ice in those tasty sugary drinks?

More culprits are BBQ sauces, pineapple, ice pops, sweetened ice tea.  All of these summer treats can spell disaster for your summer smile.

Keeping Your Summer Smile Healthy

The first order of business for a healthy smile any time of the year is a visit to your dental hygienist.   That is the foundation of finding what problems may be lurking and taking action to correct and clean the teeth and gums.

The rest of the oral health process takes place at home.  Stick to a daily regimen of brushing at least twice daily and flossing after every meal.

If you’ve eaten anything containing sugar, be mindful that you should drink a good amount of water to wash away any sugars left on the teeth.  During the summer, water is good hydration as well as great for your summer smile!

Remember, in the summer, just as environmental elements can affect the health of your skin and hair, summer foods and beverages can affect the health of your teeth.

Schedule Your Mid-Summer Checkup at Rotem Dental Care

Make your appointment today to get a checkup on how things are going with your oral health.

At Rotem Dental Care, you will experience the finest modern dentistry that can uncover even the smallest threat to your oral health, correct it and have you on your way to keeping a healthy summer smile.

Dr. Ron Rotem has been creating healthy beautiful smiles for 20 years in Ocean County.  Add your summer smile to the roster!  Call Rotem Dental Care today and be proud when you flash that sparkling summer smile all season long.