Toms River Dental has Your Smile

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Each and every one of us has a smile that is unique to us and us alone.  As we age or grow into the adult age group of 55+, the process of aging can affect the look of our unique smile.  Toms River Dental can reverse the signs of aging in your smile and bring back the unique smile you once loved!

Toms River Dental Cares

For nearly 20 years, Ocean County dentist Dr. Ron Rotem has transformed smiles affected by gum disease and tooth loss.  Over the years, the practice at Toms River Dental grew in scope and size to specialize in adult dentistry as well as cosmetic, sedation and general dentistry.

At Toms River Dental, adult dentistry covers a multitude of dental conditions that can attribute to the loss of teeth and affect your overall physical health.  Interestingly, poor physical health can affect your oral health as well.

Cosmetically speaking, aging shows its’ signs with teeth that appear yellow or grey.  This is a result of deteriorating enamel.  Physically speaking, aging can affect teeth through the effects of diseases like diabetes, osteoarthritis and heart disease by weakening the jaw bone.  Either way, you lose the smile you loved and can feel self conscious and unhappy with what your smile has become.

Trust Toms River Dental with Your Smile

Dr. Ron Rotem has demonstrated his proficiency in bringing back that unique smile that reflects only you.

For nearly 20 years, Dr. Rotem has customized smiles for Ocean County residents that have lost their smile to the affects of aging or other health disorders.

Toms River Dental is known for the trust and comfort reliably given to all patients by Dr. Ron Rotem.  Whether you have missing or crooked teeth, discolored teeth or ill fitting dentures, Dr. Rotem can give you the smile you deserve.

Trust your smile to Dr. Rotem and Toms River Dental for the perfect smile that is specially made just for you!