Tooth Decay Caused by Carbohydrates

tooth decay

It’s been a long time belief that sugar creates cavities.  Sugar is a carbohydrate.

The information presented here will introduce you to the process of how bacteria mixed with carbohydrates create tooth decay.

The Process of Tooth Decay

The process of tooth decay begins with bacteria in the mouth.

The introduction of carbohydrates into the mouth triggers the bacteria to create acid.  Acid eats into the protective enamel layer of your tooth and begins to create a cavity.  Once the cavity is created, it is not possible to restore the structure of the tooth.

The foods that contain carbohydrates include all types of rice, bread, fruits and vegetables. Does that mean you must stop eating these foods?  No!  But you must know how to eliminate lingering carbohydrates with bacteria that create tooth decay.

The situation that creates the presence of bacteria forming acid is a constant introduction of carbohydrates into the mouth, such as sugary drinks.  Sugary drinks, power drinks and flavored drinks will cause lingering carbohydrates in the mouth to mix with bacteria, thus causing acid.  If you fill your mouth with liquids that are constantly assaulting your teeth, you will eventually create the acid that creates tooth decay.

Preventive Care for Tooth Decay

Switch to sugar free liquids to keep your mouth clean and free of bacteria.

Be certain to floss after meals and brush your teeth at least twice daily.  Rinsing with a bacteria preventative mouth wash is a big plus as well.  Lots of the foods you love and enjoy, especially during BBQ season, will contain carbohydrates that will aid in the production of acid.  Keeping yourself aware of what you eat and drink will help as a reminder to keep your mouth rinsed with sugar free liquids.  Water is your best solution.

To complete your preventive care, visit your dental hygienist at least two times annually.  Your dental hygienist can detect a myriad of problems through thorough examination of your teeth and gums.  After each visit with your hygienist, your dentist will review the exam and consult with you for any treatment needed.

Taking good care of your teeth will reward you with good health for your body.  Call the office of Dr. Ron Rotem today and make a preventative care appointment to get on the road to a healthier mouth and a healthier you.