Tooth Pain caused by Seasonal Allergies

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If you are experiencing tooth pain with the change of seasons, it could be your allergies.

The Effect of Sinus on Tooth Pain & Dry Mouth

People can be allergic to air-born allergens that are surrounding their homes, offices and outdoor spaces.  If you have a pet that sheds at the change of seasons, this may affect your sinuses as well.

Allergens cause the maxillary sinuses to produce an abundance of mucus to clear the body of allergies.  Although this natural process can be good for your body, the sinuses can swell and cause severe pain in the roots of your upper teeth.  Infection-like symptoms can be experienced once this sinus pressure builds up and pushes into the already sensitive upper molar area.

In addition to the tooth pain caused by sinus pressure on your teeth, you can also suffer dry mouth as a result of allergens.  Dry mouth is known to rob the mouth of the cleansing benefits of natural saliva.

Clarify the cause of Your Tooth Pain

You simply cannot take pain for granted.  Most times, experiencing pain is a signal that something is wrong.  Many times, if you allow confusion of what is causing your tooth pain or dry mouth, you may be overlapping the real issue; a more serious issue.

If you have a virus, gum disease, tooth infection or cavities, you may experience the same symptoms caused by allergies.  Only a visit to a professional, like Ocean County dentist Dr. Ron Rotem, can clarify the real cause of your tooth pain.

Be proactive in your oral health care and your overall health by vising Dr. Ron Rotem.  The mouth is truly the pathway to your overall health.  Dry mouth and tooth pain can indicate more serious underlying health problems such as heart disease or diabetes.

Your dental health professional, Dr. Ron Rotem, can identify and help treat whatever the real cause of your tooth pain may be.  Dr. Rotem has been trusted by Ocean County patients for nearly 20 years.

Don’t wait until your mouth is telling you there is a problem.  If you are experiencing the slightest tooth pain, make your appointment with Dr. Rotem and keep your oral and overall health in optimum condition.  Do it for your body and for your peace of mind.