Wishing For a Better Smile this Holiday Season?

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The holiday season is upon us and you or someone you know may be wishing for a better, healthier and more beautiful smile.  When the cameras flash and everyone says “smile”, don’t be ashamed to show your smile!  If you or a loved one need a new smile, why not make that wish come true with Cosmetic Dentistry by top New Jersey dentist, Dr. Ron Rotem?

Gift a Loved One or Yourself

There can be no better gift to a loved one or to yourself than a healthy, beautiful smile.

A beautiful smile, created and crafted by Dr. Ron Rotem, is more than a gift to yourself or someone else; it is a symbol of understanding what is best for a family member  or a good friend or anyone who needs an oral health transformation.  It is the transformation from a smile “one hides” to a smile one” shows with pride”!

If you’ve never thought of giving a gift such as this, why not consider the long term advantages?  Oral health is one of the most important health factors overall for every adult. It has been studied and proven that a healthy mouth will aid in keeping the entire body healthy.  Of course, that is if a person follows good personal oral health habits and maintains a healthy eating plan.

Other gifts bring a smile for a short time, but a new cosmetically-enhanced smile brings smiles for a lifetime.

Inquire About Available Easy Payment Plans Today!

There are many various plans available for easy payment over time to finance the best investment you can make for the New Year.

Call Ocean County dentist, Dr. Ron Rotem today and take the first step in changing your smile, or the smile of a loved one, for a lifetime.

This holiday season, make “the wish for a better smile” come true.

Call Dr. Rotem today!

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