New Patients can help Hurricane Sandy Victims

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photo_dr-_rotem_community_unity_1Dr. Ron Rotem makes Generous Offer to help Hurricane Sandy Victims

Although Dr. Rotem and his family have felt the impact of Hurricane Sandy in their own way, Ocean County dentist, Dr. Rotem wanted to do something to offer help for the victims of Hurricane Sandy through his dental practice.

Help Restore the Shore or Yourself when You Call for Your First Appointment

Dr. Rotem knows that dental problems can be painful and difficult times can get in the way of patients seeking treatment when they need it most.

For that reason, Dr. Rotem wants all new patients to know that he cares and wants to help them with donations to the local Restore the Shore organization or a Shop Rite gift certificate to you or someone you know who is personally in need.

Here’s How to Help

If you feel you need dental attention, Dr. Rotem wants to offer you, or the non-profit Restore the Shore Organization, a donation. The choice is yours.

When you call into Dr. Rotem’s office for your first appointment, tell the person on the phone you are a new patient and that you either want the Shop Rite gift certificate for yourself or to have the equal amount donated to Restore the Shore.

Additionally, if you want to volunteer for Restore the Shore projects, just visit their Facebook page by clicking on this link:

Dr. Rotem wants to Help You Help Yourself

When times are difficult it is important to take good care of yourself and your health. It is hard to pull yourself away from caring for others, but you will certainly do more for others if you, yourself, are in good health.

Good oral health will insure an overall healthy body. Good health is very important at this time with the stress of recovering from the hurricane damages and with the pressure of upcoming holidays.

Take a “time out” to call Dr. Ron Rotem for your first appointment and meet your caring community member, Dr. Ron Rotem. He does care about you and your health and his staff will make you feel comfortable and relaxed and give you the time and treatment you deserve.

Wishing you all a healthy and happy Thanksgiving and a united front to help Hurricane Sandy victims.