Sinus Headache or Tooth Infection?

How Teeth Can Affect Your Sinuses Have you ever experienced a sinus infection that, after subsiding, leaves your teeth aching? Tooth infection is known to cause 10% of all sinus infections. The location of the first maxillary molar to the maxillary

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Tooth Tartar Threatens Teeth

Bacteria building particles, left untreated, create plaque that eventually turns to hardened tooth tartar.  Tartar, difficult to remove, leads to gum disease.  Good oral health habits can prevent tooth tarter from forming on your teeth. Where Tooth Tartar Comes From

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Time to Change the Toothbrush

Using the same old toothbrush will decrease the effectiveness of cleaning your teeth. If you are still using the same old toothbrush, please throw it away and buy a few new brushes to have on hand. Worn Toothbrush Bristles When

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Gag Reflex

It can happen to anyone.  As soon as anything touches the back of the tongue, the roof of the mouth or the back of the throat it triggers gag reflex.  If this happens to you during dental treatment, there is

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Getting to the Roots of the Problem

The roots of our teeth can be visible when our gums recede.  This can be caused by improper or rigorous brushing or gum disease.  Roots can also become decayed when cavities form on the roots of our teeth.  In most

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