6 Ways To Improve Your Smile

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Who would say no to a prettier smile? With so many cosmetic dentistry options available, like those from Rotem Dental Care in Toms River, anyone can get the smile they want. Here is a quick look at some of the most popular treatments. Teeth whitening is a very common procedure used to lighten stained teeth.…

Don’t Settle For An Unattractive Smile

Categories: Cosmetic Dentistry
Don’t Settle For An Unattractive Smile In Toms River!

No one likes to settle for less than the best, especially with something as important as your smile. At Rotem Dental Care in Toms River, we have the cosmetic dentistry solutions for your smile issues. Cosmetic dentistry refers to a group of procedures that, individually or collectively, create positive changes to your smile. One procedure,…

How Long Should You Brush?

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At Rotem Dental Care in Toms River, we recommend two minutes as a minimum time for brushing your teeth. Most people think they brush for at least that long, but might be surprised if they actually set a timer. Most of us only brush for about a minute, if that. So, there is always room…

Why Visit The Dentist?

Why Visit The Dentist?

At Rotem Dental Care in Toms River, our dental team works hard to keep the teeth and gums of each of our patients healthy. Teeth may seem like bone, but they are actually living structures. Inside that hard exterior is complex system of tissue. And the teeth themselves are anchored to your jaw by ligaments…

Can You Name 9 Dental Specialties?

Jackson Pediatric and Cosmetic Dentistry

Most people probably know how a pediatric dentist differs from an orthodontist. Some may even know the unique focus of endodontists. But few may know that the American Dental Association recognizes nine dental specialties. This post from Rotem Dental Care in Toms River looks at the specific disciplines within the fascinating world of dentistry and…