Tooth Sensitivity Treatment

Tooth Sensitivity Treatment in Toms River

A lot of people have tooth sensitivity to one degree or another, causing them to avoid certain foods and beverages. If this sounds like you, please talk to us about it at Rotem Dental Care in Toms River NJ. People with sensitive teeth are most likely to have problems with temperature. Hot or cold things,…

Tooth Whitening For A Whiter Smile

Toms River Tooth Whitening For Whiter Smiles

Teeth whitening is one of the easiest cosmetic dentistry procedures we have, at Rotem Dental Care in Toms River NJ. There are a lot of whitening options out there. How do you find what works for you? The dental care aisle at the grocery store is filled with whitening products. Rest assured, no strips, gels,…

Are There Drawbacks to Dental Implants?

tooth implants Toms River

Dental implants might sound like some futuristic solution to missing teeth. But they’ve become part of mainstream dentistry, and are available at Rotem Dental Care in Toms River NJ. Most patients have a lot of questions about dental implants, once they seriously begin to consider them. Are there any drawbacks to implants? Are they safe?…

Smile Makeover Questions Answered

Categories: Cosmetic Dentistry
Jackson cosmetic smile makeover

At Rotem Dental Care in Toms River NJ we use cosmetic dentistry every day to create fabulous new smiles for our patients. We call this a “smile makeover.” What exactly does it entail? A smile makeover means using the techniques of cosmetic dentistry to make positive changes to your smile. These techniques might include: Teeth…

Using Nature As Our Guide

Categories: Cosmetic Dentistry
smile design Toms River

At Rotem Dental Care in Toms River NJ we perform complete smile re-designs that turn ordinary teeth into beautiful smiles. If you have been considering a cosmetic dentistry smile makeover, you may wonder if you will still look like yourself when we’re finished. The answer is “Yes! Only better!” You see, we use nature as…