Preventing Tooth Decay

In New Jersey and around the country, tooth decay is one of the most pervasive childhood problems, yet tooth decay also affects adults. Rotem Dental Care serves people from 35 to 95 years old to help fight tooth decay. Blame

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Be Glad Dr. Rotem Has X-Ray Vision

It’s not extremely pleasant. You have to put on the heavy apron, hold a stiff piece of film in your mouth and sit really, really still while your dentist’s assistant takes x-rays. Is it really required? Absolutely! No question about

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3 Dental Dangers For Toddlers

Hello, new parents! We know that keeping babies and toddlers safe and healthy requires nonstop effort. You secure them tightly in their car seats, lock your medicine cabinet and guard the stairway with a gate. You take them to your

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Avoid Tooth Loss In Toms River

Do you know the most common cause of tooth loss?The answer is gum disease. While this may be startling, there is a bright side. Gum disease is easy to treat if it is detected in the early stages. Regular check-ups with

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Keep Holidays Healthy For Your Teeth, Jackson!

Who doesn’t love the holidays? They’re a time to take a break from your regular routine and spend time with friends and family. If you’re not careful, though, holiday celebrations can take a toll on your oral health. They frequently

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3 Ways To Minimize Candy Intake At Parties

1. Lock yourself in a closet. 2. Sew your mouth shut. 3. Wear a shock collar that’s sensitive to sugar particles. At Rotem Dental Care we understand how hard it is to avoid sweets altogether at Halloween and other sugar-filled

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What Is Oil Pulling?

Today’s Rotem Dental Care dental post looks at oil pulling; an alternative practice that has been generating a lot of buzz around Toms River. Oil pulling has been a part of Indian Ayurvedic medicine for thousands of years. It is

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Think Before You Pierce

If you live in the Toms River area and are considering puncturing your lip or tongue, this post is for you. Please consider the following: Infection Your mouth is full of bacteria. Any opening in the tissue carries the risk

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5 Tips For Treating Mouth Sores

Hi. I’m Dr. Ronen Rotem. When my Stafford Township and Manchester Township area patients get mouth sores, I advise them to evaluate what they’re eating and make some changes. By following these tips, you too can avoid the discomfort of

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Sore Tooth? Don’t Wait!

Rotem Dental Care patients who wait to have a sore tooth checked end up saying “I wish I had come sooner.” Even with all the various causes of mouth problems, a toothache sends a simple, clear message: “See your dentist!”

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