implant dentures and denture options in Toms River and Manchester NJAll Dentures Are Not Created Equal

After many years of practice in restorative dentistry, Toms River New Jersey dentist Dr. Ronen Rotem knows that denture wearers are always looking for dentures that fit more comfortably and appear more natural.

Over 40 million Americans wear dentures. These individuals should feel comfortable and confident in their daily lives, but sometimes traditional dentures get in the way of that. Dr. Rotem provides denture options that promote added comfort and confidence, including high-end custom dentures and state-of-the-art implant dentures.

Introducing the Geneva 2000 ™ Denture

Traditionally, denture wearers often experience discomfort caused by their dentures. They may experience difficulty chewing certain foods, and might even give up some of their favorites to accommodate their dentures. Traditional dentures can affect the wearer’s speaking ability and leave their smile looking unnatural. Fortunately, Dr. Rotem has the technology that creates comfortable and realistic custom dentures.

Now, Toms River dentist, Dr. Ronen Rotem offers patients the revolutionary Geneva 2000 ™ Premium Dentures. These dentures are custom-made for each patient. The Geneva 2000 ™ Denture has shown a higher satisfaction rate among its wearers than traditional dentures.

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Traditional dentures tend to give all wearers the same, “false” look because all of the teeth are the same size and manufactured straight across. The Geneva 2000 ™ custom dentures involve a new method of planning and fabrication, utilizing personalized facial feature measurements. This method allows for differences in shape, size, spacing, and shade which naturally vary according to gender, heredity, and smile lines.

This custom denture also achieves a natural look of transparency, translucence and refractive quality. The Geneva 2000 ™ dentures are of superior quality and look and are unmatched by any other denture teeth on the market.

Stabilizing Your Smile with Implant Dentures

Dr. Rotem offers implant dentures to make your denture experience more stable and comfortable. To create denture implants, several dental implants, or “replacement roots”, will be placed surgically into the jaw bone. Your dentures will then be anchored to the implants. There are still removable options when it comes to implant dentures, but you will not have to worry about your dentures moving around your mouth when you do not want them to. Denture implants offer an experience with false teeth that is almost identical to having your natural teeth back.

We also provide an advanced full-arch replacement procedure, which you can learn more about on our Hybridge page.

For more information on implant dentures and the Geneva 2000 ™ Denture Design, call Dr. Ronen Rotem at 732-691-4944 for your customized consultation if you are in the Stafford – Manchester NJ area!


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